Thank you for Your interest in Volunteering


Volunteer Construction Calendar

We have two Build Schedules at this time: 

  1. To Be Determined
  2. To Be Determined

We need volunteers to be on the build site.  

To make it easy on you or your group please complete 

  1. The Release and Waiver of Liability Form found below:

When you arrive on site, our Construction Coordinator will have you complete the following:

  • Sign in as a volunteer to log your hours.
  • Sign a waiver if you have not done it off line.
  • Go through the day's safety procedures and necessary safety gear will be provided.

Parking at the Build Sites

Please do not park in front of mailboxes, driveway entrances or refuse containers. Thanks for helping us to be considerate neighbors.


Age Requirements

16 Yrs and UP!

Ages 16 & 17 be accompanied by an adult with parental waiver signed by guardian.

Release and Waiver Form