Winter Maintenance

Winter Roof Care

Deal with Icicles: If your home is already sporting large icicles (small ones are okay), this a key indicator that your roof is getting too warm. These icicles can present a huge danger to your family, pets, and visitors, and they can also damage your roof and gutters as they fall, so you’ll want to take immediate steps to insulate your roof better. Don’t, however, try to remove the icicles yourself, as you could pull off your gutters or injure yourself in the process. Instead, hire a pro to remove dangerous ice and snow buildup.

Address Ice Dams: Ice dams form at the roof-line and in gutters, preventing water from diverting safely to the ground, away from your foundation. They can also prevent ice and snow from properly melting, which can lead to leaks and other serious water damage to your roof. If you suspect an ice dam is forming on your roof, call in a pro to assess and remove the buildup. No matter what, NEVER try to get up on an icy or snowy roof, as doing so could result in serious injury or death.

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