Project Supervisor

Job Description

Position: Project Supervisor – Parttime

January 2023

Goodhue County Habitat for Humanity, Inc. (GCHFH) seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, hope, and community. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

The Project Supervisor will support the mission of Habitat for Humanity by providing oversight for construction, renovation, and repair projects on homes for qualified residents of Goodhue County in accordance with guidelines, practices, policies, standards, and codes accepted and supported by GCHFH. The Project Supervisor will report to the Construction Manager. Much of the construction, renovation and repair work is performed by volunteers, and the Project Supervisor must be willing and able to utilize volunteers of varying skill levels to perform selected work properly and safely.

GCHFH’s goal is to construct or renovate at least three homes and provide repairs or improvements to at least twenty-one homes each year. The Project Supervisor will work closely with the Construction Manager, the Community Engagement Coordinator, and other staff to safely organize and oversee work at certain project sites, following established processes, procedures, and practices to ensure the objectives of the GCHFH are met in a safe, timely, enjoyable, and satisfying manner for all involved.

Primary duties for the Project Supervisor include ensuring safety measures and procedures are followed at constructions sites, directing and training skilled and unskilled volunteers, including homeowner family members, and coordinating and communicating clearly and frequently with the Construction Manager to assist with organizing, planning, stocking, equipping, and staffing project sites to accomplish stated daily, weekly, and short-term objectives. Projects may be at multiple sites within Goodhue County, but the Project Supervisor does not need to help at all sites. Schedules are flexible around established workdays each week.


Desired characteristics:

  • Knowledge and passion for the mission and ministry of Habitat for Humanity.
  • Strong commitment to safety.
  • Experience in residential home construction and/or repair.
  • Possession of excellent people skills and willingness to work with people of all ages,races, faiths, backgrounds, and skill levels.
  • Ability to establish a good working relationship with volunteers and homeowner families.
  • Approachable and available as needed for volunteers and Habitat families.
  • Enthusiastic, collaborative, team-focused approach with internal and external customers.
  • Creative and flexible problem-solving ability.
  • High integrity.
  • Self-motivated and independent worker.
  • Comfortable with leading and directing small groups.
  • Positive outlook.
  • Tactful and diplomatic.
  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment.
  • Able to work occasional evenings or weekends.
  • Regular parttime preferred.


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