Summer Maintenance

Summer Roof Care These may be the lazy, hazy days of summer, but taking steps now to keep your roof in shape will help you better enjoy your home in the cold, wet months that are, sadly, just around the corner. Here’s how to maintain your roof in the summer: 1. In addition to taking the […]

Spring Maintenance

Spring Roof Care After sheltering you from winter storms, give your roof some TLC come springtime with these roof maintenance tips. 1. Inspect your roof for damage caused by wind, hail, snow, and ice, and give us a call right away if you notice areas that need attention. Look for cracks, missing shingles, discoloration, bent […]

Winter Maintenance

Winter Roof Care Deal with Icicles: If your home is already sporting large icicles (small ones are okay), this a key indicator that your roof is getting too warm. These icicles can present a huge danger to your family, pets, and visitors, and they can also damage your roof and gutters as they fall, so […]

Fall Inside Maintenance

Winterizing Your Home Inside, it is just as important to do maintenance inside as outside. Take care of these following elements before winter, so you can enjoy the snow in cozy comfort and not worry about your home. Winterizing Heating System Before Freezing Temps: (video) The heating system is perhaps the most critical element for […]

Fall Outside Maintenance

Autumn Roof Care: Fall roof care is particularly important for a couple of reasons. First, your roof and gutters are rapidly being inundated with falling leaves, which can easily clog your roof’s drainage system. It’s critical that you keep your gutters and roof clean as you head into the cold winter months in order to […]